We believe that unsatisfactory experiences should be identified. Making a complaint is a constructive way to exercise your rights and improve the quality of care and services in the health and social services network.


We assist and support anyone who wishes to file a complaint against any institution or organization that is part of the public health and social services network. Our objective is to ensure users’ rights are respected.

To do so, the CAAP informs, advises, and offers direct assistance to individuals throughout the complaint process. See our services.

Our role is not to handle your complaint, but to help you through the complaint process.


  • Acts as a tool to facilitate communication and conciliation with stakeholders throughout the process
  • Fosters a more egalitarian relationship between users and the network
  • Guides and supports users so they feel heard

The CAAP – Capitale-Nationale is an independent community organization. Learn more here.


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Our Members

The CAAP is a non profit organization that relies on the voluntary support of member organizations and individuals. By supporting its mission, members help create an influential network with a common vision where people can exchange ideas and collaborate. You could be a CAAP member too! It’s free.


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